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There is a plethora of information around Digital Transformation on internet. Various organizations, both Government and Private, provide different interpretations of Digital Transformation. Organizations which want to implement Digital Transformation are finding it difficult to assimilate this information overload and design a strategy that suits their business needs.
Dalisoft Technologies comes with a combination of domain, OT and IT expertise and can develop and execute a "best fit" Digital Transformation strategy to suit your current and future business needs. 
We can be your partners who can walk with in your Digital Transformation journey - from conceptualization to business optimization.

Our consulting services include:

    • Develop customized road-map for Digital Transformation / Smart Manufacturing based on "As Is" state analysis aligned to business objectives
    • Base-line consulting services
    • End to End consulting for Smart Manufacturing involving the following key aspects:
        •  Smart Machines
        •  Smart Connectivity
        •  Smart Data Management
        •  Smart Applications
        •  Smart Analytics


We understand that designing the right solution to achieve the Smart Manufacturing objectives requires a combination of domain, OT and IT skills. A good design from sensor to data center and from signal to advanced analytics is important for uninterrupted journey towards Digital Transformation. Dalisoft Technologies has a team with this combination of the required skills and expertise.

We design simplified "best fit" and scalable solutions based on in-depth understanding of customer's existing processes and OT and IT landscape in line with their short term and long term business objectives. We understand that any successful solution will need to have an end to end value proposition. Dalisoft Technologies will design the system keeping in mind the short-term priorities but at the same time not losing the focus on long term objectives.

We believe that there are multiple ways of implementing a solution which will have mix of mechanical, electrical, electronics and digital capabilities. At the same time, it is also important to understand that "One Size does not fit all".



Dalisoft has developed an implementation methodology based on collective project execution capability of 80+ years of the team. Key guiding principles are:

  •  Detailed project plan development
  • Identification of roles and responsibilities related to execution of various aspects of the project plan
  •  Strong governance plan at operational and management levels
  • Detailed Change Management plan (including training) of throughout project lifecycle to ensure successful transition from current process to changed process
  •  Identify potential risks and develop risk mitigation plan upfront using tools like FMEA (Failure Modes and Effect Analysis)

Bottom-line is to plan well and execute the plan to customer satisfaction



We understand that implemented solutions require periodical support to ensure its continuous usage. Also, based on business evolution, changes in business priorities and advances in technology, these implemented solutions may require to be upgraded or may require integration with upstream systems. Also, it is possible that some components of the implemented solution may go bad. 
In view of the above potential challenges, Dalisoft Technologies provides support services for various Smart Manufacturing implemented in your plant, irrespective whether the solution has been implemented by Dalisoft.

Our aim is to derive maximum benefits for you from solutions in which you have invested.