Trends And Drivers

More educated and informed customers with higher disposable income are driving demand for Home & Personal Care(HPC) and Food and Beverage (F&B) products. Selling of the products at growing multi brand retail chain is forcing manufacturers to think more on product design and packaging.
Regulation in the sector are getting stricter and compliance to the regulatory framework is important or maintaining the brand image. There has been rapid improvement in the transportation and preservation of perishable goods to be sold through the retail chain. Rising cost of labor and raw material is driving people towards more automated processes.


Typical Challenges And Priorities

Enhancing capabilities and upgrading technology to maintaining International Standards of the products 
Timely transportation of the product to the market while retaining the best quality and minimum damage.
Meeting the frequently changing demands based on the location and diverse culture of the country.
Complying to changes and additions in the regulatory processes as the government gets stricter with policies


Dalisoft Solution Overview

Dalisoft Technologies intends to work very closely with this growing industry segment throughout the process of consulting, design, implementation and support. We understand the key priorities and would like to work with the customers to address their immediate priorities and then help them in achieving their digital transformation journey in a systematic manner.

We understand that this industry players in all segments from a small backyard to very large multi nationals. The needs of each segment is different and is also changing as the industry grows.

Dalisoft Technologies plan to implement most of the standard functionalities listed below in the CPG Industry:

    • Device Integration
    • Machine and Process Data
    • Track and Trace
    • Order Management
    • Quality Management and Regulatory compliance
    • Performance Management
    • Material Flow Management
    • Maintenance Management
    • Workforce Management
    • Reporting and Analysis