Auto Component


Trends And Drivers

Auto component manufacturing works on the pull from the Automotive Industry and must align to the changing demands for the auto manufacturers from time to time. Indian Auto Component Industry has grown significantly in the last 10-20 years and many of the manufacturers are even exporting components to auto makers all over the world. Demand from the Auto Manufactures are increasing and vary from Genealogy and Traceability of the parts to quality to timely delivery.

Auto Makers are today demanding more and more just in time and just in sequence delivery to keep their inventory low and to manage their flexibility in manufacturing. New models are being introduced in the market at a very rapid pace and readiness to meet these requirements is key to the success of the business. To have a flexible, agile and scalable manufacturing, there is a need for adding more automation to manufacturing lines and new skills must be added to the workforce.
Many of the companies may not have a large process development and IT Teams and they work on the advice of the large auto makers or suggestions from the Industry Associations.


Typical Challenges And Priorities

Quality, Cost and Delivery are the three key challenges that the Auto Component Industry is dealing with today and hence also the key priorities. Volumes are high and lot of components are very small. Managing near 100% quality is tough. Many of the companies are not highly automated and most of the operations are manual. As the manufacturing processes change with use of Technology, skill management of the workforce is also an important priority. Managing cost during variable demand cycles is not easy. Irony is that the cost of managing production per component goes high when the demand is low. Customers are keen to adopt right solutions as part of Smart Manufacturing but are worried about the cost of implementation and management of such systems


Dalisoft Solution Overview

Dalisoft Technologies intends to work very closely with the Auto Component Industry throughout the process of consulting, design, implementation and support. We understand the key priorities and would like to work with the customers to address their immediate priorities and then help them in achieving their digital transformation journey in a systematic manner.

Dalisoft Technologies plan to implement most of the standard functionalities listed below in the Auto Component industry:

    • Device Integration
    • Machine and Process Data
    • Track and Trace
    •  Order Management
    •  Quality Management
    •  Performance Management
    •  Material Flow Management
    •   Maintenance Management
    •  Workforce Management
    •  Reporting and Analysis