Education And Training


Trends And Drivers

Digital Transformation & Smart Manufacturing technologies have made huge advances over the last few years. And there is more to come. These advances are coupled with innovative ways of their usage by various industries, which have given them competitive edge... from customer acquisition to manufacturing process optimization to post sales customer support and analytics. 
Organizations across the industry spectrum are investing in implementing Digital Transformation Technologies to reap its benefits.


Typical Challenges And Priorities

We have seen that there is a large variation in speed of adoption of Digital Transformation across homogenous groups of industries.
One of the key reasons for this variation is overall technical skills and knowledge level of Digital Transformation technologies across organizations. This knowledge/skill gap is increasing further, given exponential advances in Digital Transformation or Smart Manufacturing technologies.
In addition, since Digital Transformation requires a integraton of OT and IT, soft skills like people Change Management, Conflict Management etc are also important to lock-in benefits from Digital Transformation technologies.


Dalisoft Solution Overview

Dalisoft Technologies would like to contribute in addressing gaps in technical and soft skills which will enable higher probability of success in implementing Digital Transformation / Smart Manufacturing technologies in their organizations. Our education and training modules is an ideal combination of theoretical and hands-on exposure to participants. They are designed and executed by industry experts. Also, these modules are kept up-to-date in line with advances in Digital Transformation / Smart Manufacturing technologies. As a standard practice, we understand customer requirements and customize training modules to suit their needs.

Dalisoft Technologies provides training in following areas:

  • Smart Machines (sensors, controllers & gateway, constrained devices)
  • Smart connectivity (wired, wireless, field network, mesh topology)
  • Smart data management for real time monitoring
  • Smart applications (SCADA, MOM/MES, EMI)
  • Smart analytics (machine, plant and enterprise level analytics)

For more details on each of the, please feel free to contact us